What Dr. Yvonne's Clients Have to Say

I very highly recommend Dr Yvonne’s breakthrough session. Wherever you are in life, with whatever you have done or are doing .. it’s going to be Amazing. In One breakthrough session you will experience a profound shift and healing that will bring you to the next level so that you can fly. Thank you so very much for the Amazing breakthrough session Dr Yvonne. I woke up this morning after the session aware that something had profoundly shifted. I feel a sense of peace, calm strength and a deep knowing of who I am that I've never felt before. I'm so excited about the future!


San Franciso

"Dr. Yvonne is a treasure !! And I'm so grateful to have found her. I realized that I had felt so often out of place, oddly inferior despite my gifts and strengths. I walked into the session, in much of the mindset of the Ugly Duckling and walked out totally in touch with my gifts. I realized .. I am a Swan. Dr. Yvonne’s NLP and communication skills have also given a tremendous boost to my company. Thank you Dr. Yvonne !!"


Geneva, Switzerland

My time with Dr. Yvonne was cathartic. I released some known and unknown blockages and cleared a path toward my success. She was both generous of thought and time. As a fellow Intuitive, I learned so much about myself and my connection to the world I am currently experiencing. I'm grateful for my encounter with such a beautiful energy in Dr. Yvonne.


Tampa, Florida

Hi Dr Yvonne! I just wanted to take the time to greatly thank you for the work you do! I originally saw you on Gaia TV and immediately thought to myself I have to contact this lady. I just wanted to share the amazing results I got after just 1 one session with you.. I am in tears as I think about how my life has changed. * First, my job requires sales. before it was a challenge to connect with customers and to have them say yes. Since our session, my soul or spirit is the one talking for me and customers are saying yeses effortlessly.. I'm loving my job now! * 2nd, My son called me yesterday and we had a great talk. I apologized like you told me, he accepted and now we are in really good standing. He's even looking to move in with me.. that really touched my heart, because he's my oldest and I never thought he would forgive me. * 3rd, I'm able to stand strong on my ground the kind of relationship I want in my life. Meaning, I feel worthy of only good in my life. I didn't have that before. I accepted verbal, physical and mental abuse in the past. * 4th, no more procrastination!!! I get more done than I ever had! I really really appreciate all that you do Dr. Yvonne! Do I still have negative thoughts or things happening? Yes of course! The difference is, I'm able to recognize it a lot faster and just transmute the thought or feeling by doing the simple exercises you showed me. You're such a blessing in my life and your gift is a blessing to the world. Love and blessings,

A. T.


This letter is my reference for Dr. Yvonne Oswald. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Yvonne for three years. She has been an excellent source of knowledge, mentorship, and healing. As a hypnotist, she has taught me how to incorporate different modes of treatment so I could become a well-rounded hypnotist and best serve my clients. She showed me methods of healing, such as neurolinguistic programming, past-life regression, and life coaching. Her mentoring has helped refine my skills so I may treat my clients more profoundly and effectively. I can now help those who live with anxiety, PTSD, trauma, and other ailments. Dr. Yvonne continues to be a readily available resource whenever I need guidance or advice on any treatment. Dr. Yvonne has not only taught me how to heal others through methods of hypnosis but has also helped me personally. As a lifetime sufferer of debilitating migraines, my quality of life was drastically impacted by my migraine attacks that would leave unable even to get out bed or lift my head. After seeing Dr. Yvonne for treatment, I have now regained a pleasurable quality of life, and my headaches have ceased. Dr. Yvonne is not only a great mentor but a skillful hypnotist. She has helped me and many others overcome a lifetime of pain and trauma and regain a quality of life that had been thought lost forever. Yvonne is compassionate, kind, professional, and a godsend to all who see her. She would add immeasurable value to any team or organization that chooses to work with her. Thank you,

Yovanna More