Outrageously Successful and Loving It – NLP Workshop

Be very kind to yourself today! And remember that your self-talk produces 100% of your successful results.

The Psychology of Success:

NLP Workshop with Master NLP Trainer Yvonne Oswald, Ph.D.

The human mind is the most powerful tool available to mankind. Nowhere is this truer than in the workplace. As a human behavioral scientist, Dr. Yvonne realized that our learned responses can inhibit or enhance our potential for success.

Recognizing the drivers behind self-limiting tendencies, she subsequently researched and developed effective, practical, and dynamic techniques to accomplish spectacular professional results. Her pioneering and Interactive training is designed and delivered to help you to discover new and powerful ways to control your life, then positively influence others through your interactions.

Success is assured by realizing that it is as simple as deleting old non-supportive images in the mind, replacing them with new positive ones in the prefrontal cortex, and then, utilizing down-to-earth, effective techniques, continually reinforcing them.

Small Call to Action Headline

  • To create strong and successful relationships at work and at home.
  • New negotiation and mediation techniques: The ONE crucial question you need to ask both parties to get a satisfactory resolution
  • Confidence and self-reliance techniques
  • How to make the best decisions quickly and easily
  • To become a powerful communicator- make someone like you instantly!
  • How to recognize and use the four communication styles
  • High energy tops- change your mood in less than a minute!
  • Boosting motivation & goal setting strategies
  • That procrastination, stress, and worry become things of the past.
  • How to speak to and connect with everyone the 4MAT process
  • That success starts with self-talk! Switch to supportive thinking, which brings you 100% of your results!
  • The Personal Freedom Matrix clear anxiety forever!

I learned a lot of techniques to use with myself, my kids, and my clients. Very explanative. Great imagery. Dr. Yvonne was amazing! So knowledgeable. Bright and cheerful!

~ Sarah H.


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