Selling It and Loving It – NLP Workshop

Be very kind to yourself today! And remember that your self-talk produces 100% of your successful results.

Selling It and Loving It A Wealthy Mind Equals a Wealthy Wallet | NLP Workshop with Master NLP Trainer Yvonne Oswald

If you are in any business, you are in the Business of Sales! Designed for both Beginner and Experienced Sales Professionals and Executives, this program dramatically increases your bottom line.

In this workshop, Dr. Yvonne teaches:

  • How to Double Your Closing Ration
  • Body language, tonality, and human behavioral technology to increase likeability in 60 seconds
  • Accelerated customer acquisition and increased retention
  • A simple method to learn the client’s 3 step buying strategy
  • How to quickly establish a deeper connection with buyers
  • Development of a highly trained sales force with a huge competitive advantage
  • How to use Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) to self-motivate, set goals, and achieve them with ease

Step to the front of the line as you join Dr. Yvonne for this exciting and powerful seminar that answers questions you didn’t even know you had to ask! Once the clouds are cleared away, you can access & design your own happiness blueprint. Combine natural science and spirituality with ease and grace. Discover easy and compelling techniques for your own success, prosperity, health and happiness right NOW!

I learned a lot of techniques to use with myself, my kids and my clients. Very explanative. Great imagery. Dr. Yvonne was amazing! So knowledgeable. Bright and cheerful!

~ Sarah H.


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