Success and Happiness From the Inside Out! – NLP Workshop

Be very kind to yourself today! And remember that your self-talk produces 100% of your successful results.

Success and Happiness From the Inside Out!| Every Word Has Power with Master NLP Trainer Yvonne Oswald

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: The Psychology of Success

The human mind is the most powerful tool available to mankind; especially in the workplace. Worldwide, businesses are now using proven NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to dynamically improve and build successful business relationships and accomplish spectacular professional results. Dr. Yvonne’s pioneering and interactive training is about discovering new and powerful ways to take control of your results. Whether you are a business leader, successful sales executive, or individual contributor, what you do and the choices you make may lead to success – or not!

It is common knowledge that the best game of golf is played by the one who has sufficient control over their own mind to quickly leave behind the last stroke that went way off course. So, too, is your success achieved. All you need is to be taught how to leave behind that current mindset that is taking you off course and adopt one that drives you to success.

In this workshop, Dr. Yvonne teaches:

How to remove challenges

Decision making made easy

Become a power communicator

High energy tips – change moods in less than a minute!

Boost motivation and goal setting strategies to higher levels

Procrastination, stress, and worry become things of the past

Success starts with self-talk! Switch to supportive thinking, which brings 100% results

Personal Freedom Matrix: clear anxiety forever

I loved growing more towards helping others heal  FABULOUS! GORGEOUS! Great Speaker! She knows & practices her stuff! She is awesome. Yvonne, may God continue to bless your journey of sharing your gifts

~ Kelly L.


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